2013-08-16 — Mirabel, Québec

FTV1’s Need for Speed!!

Bombardier confirmed today that its first CSeries aircraft (FTV1) has commenced a series of low-speed taxi runs, having recently completed thrust reverser runs and stationary high-powered engine runs. FTV1 also completed the “aircraft in the loop” testing or ACIL testing last week, whereby FTV1 was flown on the ground in a simulated flight environment to ensure it behaved in the same manner as “Aircraft 0”.

“We checked off yet another great series of accomplishments on the first CSeries aircraft,” said Robert Dewar, Vice President and General Manager, CSeries Program, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “It was thrilling to see FTV1 move under its own power on the tarmac during the low-speed taxi runs this week. Additionally, our technical teams are very pleased with the results of the ACIL test data which is comparing extremely well to Aircraft 0/CIASTA – further validating the systems integration. I’m also pleased to share that FTV1 completed the high-powered engine runs while the aircraft was stationary. When full thrust was applied, we were able to run full vibration checks – but most telling, the flight test team was extremely impressed with how quiet the engines were at full power.”

Following the recent “shakedown” of the aircraft (check of the airframe along with all systems and flight controls), teams progressively started to add more power to the engines as FTV1 commenced low-speed taxi runs and other accompanying tests. FTV1 is slated to enter the paint shop soon as it readies to take to the skies for the first time in the coming weeks!

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